The cultural project “CANTEMIR 300 – ROMANIA UNIVERSALIS” is designed to mark the 350th anniversary of the birth and 300th anniversary of the death of Dimitrie Cantemir in 2023, following the Byzantine influences in the Romanian musical creation and culture of the last 3 centuries. 

This way, 9 works signed by D. Cantemir, A. Pann, G. Enescu, C. Porumbescu (also celebrated in 2023), P. Constantinescu, A. Iorgulescu, C. P. Basacopol, U. Vlad, D. Dediu are thus presented.

The project proposes an original approach to the idea of ​​universality of the Romanian culture, offering 9 chamber recitals arranged, symbolically, around the Earth in countries that host important and active Romanian communities – Spain, Australia, New Zealand, Chile – with the aim of universally connecting the concept of National Culture to the personality of Dimitrie Cantemir.

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